Project Development

Creativity combined with experience is the reason for our success story regarding our project development and redevelopment.
We are specialized in using the whole value chain of property development and create opportunities regarding these projects in new development as well as redevelopment.

Specialists analyze markets, make economics calculations and do technical feasibility studies to find out the chances for success regarding new project development. We consider the hard facts as well as:

a)  Area and planning economics
b)  Highly flexible objects to ensure a successful conversion
c)  Modern and sustainable architecture

On the other hand, we also focus on the user. These "feel-good properties" are the basis for an enduring, satisfied and motivating relationship between user and object.

Another very important element of our developmental strategy is the ecological spectrum.
Inherent to our planning is the creation of sustainable buildings.

In conclusion, for every development we are your investor, general planner, developer or coordinating constructor and your partner.