About Bülow AG

The Bülow AG was founded more than 55 years ago by our current CEO, Horst Bülow. Our headquarters are in Stuttgart. We develop property projects inland and abroad.

Our teams are composed of geographers, market researchers, purchasers and sellers, business economists, architects and construction engineers who work together in all phases of project development. Due to our well integrated teams, we can develop even the most complex projects in-house.

We work in a dynamic market environment. Therefore, we employ people with the highest skill level so that we can maintain our position as market players.

Meeting these challenges means being successful. Also, we consistently accommodate to changing market conditions, which is why we are able to refer to remarkable achievements.
We have developed a variety of properties of more than 1.000.000 m² of space.

In the 60s, we were known as a regional specialist for functional systems building in southern Germany. In the following years, we increased our "know how" and earned our name as one of  the finest nationwide project developers.

Meanwhile, we expanded our field of activity and established Bülow AG as a modern and service-oriented project developing company. We deal with inland and abroad property projects;
for example, new developed or revitalized business offices, shopping centers, hotels and residential properties.

One of our most important elements is conceptual design, which is the first step of project development. Our properties are an ideal basis for success because they fit into the market and location perfectly as well as into user's demands. We are convinced that sustainable properties are big opportunities. Therefore, our green building standards are integrated in our company's actions.

Our developing knowledge, first-class industry mesh-work and our professionals formed this company to what we are today -
your competent partner in every question about properties.

Corporate Structure

v. l. n. Ralf Trefz (Vorstand Finanzen), Horst Bülow (Vorstandsvorsitzender), Ina Schediwy (Prokuristin), Selcuk Ulu (Vorstand Projektentwicklung)
v. l. n. Ralf Trefz (Vorstand Finanzen), Horst Bülow (Vorstandsvorsitzender), Ina Schediwy (Prokuristin), Selcuk Ulu (Vorstand Projektentwicklung)