References (excerpts)

Purpose: Offices, Apartments
Location: Alexanderstraße, Stuttgart
Start of construction: 2006
Completion: 2008
Space: approx. 5.000 m2

Artemis I
Purpose: Offices
Location: Landsberger Straße 155, Munich
Start of construction: 1997/1998
Completion: 1999
Space: approx. 20.600 m2

Artemis II
Purpose: Office-Building
Location: Barthstraße 22, Munich
Start of construction: 1999
Completion: 2001
Space: approx. 25.000 m2

Bülow Bogen
Purpose: Administration Offices
Location: Heilbronner Straße, Stuttgart
Start of construction: 2003
Completion: 2005
Space: approx. 12.500 m2

Bülow Carré
Use: office, retail and restaurant space
Location: Lautenschlagerstraße 21 and 23, Stuttgart
Gross floor area: 20,000 m²
Completion date: 2013

Bülow Palais & Residenz
Use: Hotel, Catering
Location: Königstraße, Dresden
Gross floor area: 6,500 sq.m.
Completion: 2009

Bülow Turm
Use: Office, Administration
Location: Heilbronner Str 190, Stuttgart.
Gross floor area: 14,500 sq.m.
Completion date: 1992

Use: office, restaurant and cinema areas
Location: Bolzstraße 8 and 10, Stuttgart
Gross floor area: approx 7,400 m²
Year: 1846
Restoration completed: Fall 2011

Purpose: Administration Offices
Location: Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Start of construction: 2002
Completion: 2004
Space: approx. 19.500 m2
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Focus 21
Use: Office, Administration
Location: Presselstraße / corner
Heilbronner Strasse, Stuttgart
Gross floor area: 16,000 sq.m.
Completion: 2002

Humboldt Carré
Use: Office building
Location: Humboldt Street 35 / Strait of Magellan 1, Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Gross floor area: 14,000 m²
Completion: July 2010

Terms: cinema, gastronomy
Location: Seetalplatz, Emmenbrücke (CH)
Gross floor area:
approximately 5,500 square meters (sales, catering)
approximately 6,800 square meters (Cinema)
Completion: 1999

Panorama 21
Use: Office, Hotel
Location: Heilbronner Strasse 86-88, Stuttgart
Gross floor area: 12,000 sq.m.
Completion: 2001