Green Building

"Green Building" is more than just a temporary fashion. It's an essential part of our planning.

"Green Building" creates famous name properties which are resource efficient.
We can also boast about a marked reduction of the damaging impacts on the environment and health.

Our aims include concern for people's needs and the protection of the environment.
We also cosider the needs of the employees who will work in these buildings.
We choose building materials precisely, apply alternative energies broadly and build a positive microclimate.

Sustainable properties now mean that we have new general conditions for users and investors.
These conditions influence economic, environmental and social aspects.

Impact on rentals/user:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Bigger demand of spaces because of a more effective usage of space
  • Improved health conditions, fewer sick people
  • A positive working atmosphere, high work productivity
  • A long-term employees retention
  • Advantages for attracting employees
  • A stabilization of the corporate image

Impact on investors:

  • Image improvement
  • Sustainable renting
  • Satisfied customer rentals
  • Low costs of operation and maintenance
  • Optimized return assumption and resale value
  • A stabilization of the corporate identity