Purchase of Real Estate

Requirements to purchase properties

The following properties are attractive to purchase:

- undeveloped properties with and without planning and building laws and regulations
- properties with an approved planning
- existing properties with the possibility of a change of use

Locations in South Germany, especially in the city center of Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Munich

Aim uses

  • office/administration
  • retail
  • hotel
  • logistics
  • multi-story residential building


  • Property sizes (gross floor space) with at least
  • 6.000 m² for office and administration properties and hotels
  • 8.000 m² for retail
  • 4.000 m² for multi-story residential building
  • 10.000 m² for logistics properties

(no maximum limitation)

Existing properties with development potential

  • mind. 6.000m² BGF bei Büro- und Verwaltungsgebäuden und Hotels

Lage der Bestandsobjekte und Grundstücke

Macro location

  • regional centres
  • with a large catchment area also cities with at least 50.000 inhabitants
  • city center
  • outskirts with a good traffic connection (freeway)

Micro location

  • good connection for motorized individual transport
  • near public transport
  • central location

Please send your property offers with complete address to the email-address info(at)buelwo-ag.de