Rental properties and maintenance

Our rental and maintenance teams are consistently engaged in every stage of property development. Secondly, they do a top notch job on all maintenance work. In addition, they are efficient and future oriented. That means our team is highly integrated even in the developmental phases of each project. They are able to achieve a (pre)tenancy guarantee, incorporate alternative usage and provide an optimized maintenance and management concept including precise object structures.

Our team is diligent and also provides the smooth handing over of properties for rent.
One of the ways they achieve this is by working intensively with building management.

We focus on all of the important elements in order to provide a qualified facility management, excellent customer support, and efficient coordination of maintenance services. In addition, we include full surveillance of preventive maintenance. In addition, we include full surveillance of preventive maintenance and focus on the maintenance intervals and the licensing orders and requirements.

Our other priorities include the compilation of invoices detailing the operating costs and management budgets.

Our portfolio is complete. Part of the life cycle of a property is to include reporting, which is essential for property owners.
In addition, we provide other essentials, such as rental agreement controlling, developing rental concepts and contract negotiations.



Bülow Palais & Residenz
Type of use: Hotel, Gastronomy
Location: Königstraße, Dresden
Gross floor space: ca. 6.500 qm