Bülow Foundation

The Bülow Foundation (perpetual foundation) was founded by Horst and Monika Bülow on 21 May 1984. In 2019, the perpetual foundation was supplemented by a non-perpetual foundation (principal-deleting foundation). The foundation’s registered office is in Leonberg.

The Bülow Foundation board members are Horst Bülow and Ina Schediwy.

The purpose of the Bülow Foundation is to promote nature conservation, environmental protection and animal welfare: “Giving back what has been taken from nature”.

© Florian Lauer/WWF

The foundation has supported the following individual projects, among others:

  1. “Saving the Brazilian Tropical Rainforest” 1993
  2. “Pfrunger-Burgweiler Ried Nature Conservation Centre in Wilhelmsdorf” 1993
  3. “Protection of migratory birds of prey and storks in Italy” 1994
  4. One major funding project was the publication of the book “Tiere auf Wohnungssuche” (Animals in Search of Housing), which was produced in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment. This book provides practical instructions for nature conservation around the house.
  5. In the Bülow AG office tower in Stuttgart, a permanent new habitat was created by installing special nesting devices for kestrels.
  6. The foundation also supports large well-known organisations such as WWF World Wildlife Fund, for example in permanently returning the lynx to Baden-Württemberg including InfoPoint (2016-2018) and funding the biosphere reserve for insect protection in the Black Forest, among others (2019-2027).
  7. Bülow AG takes the issue of bird strikes very seriously in the construction of the Porsche Design Tower in Stuttgart. A bird strike assessment was carried out together with the AfU as part of the planning process. In the course of this, joint measures were developed that actively contribute to the protection of birds, for example in the façade design. Bülow AG also follows the German Sustainable Building Council’s latest findings. The assessment basis here is a holistic view of a building’s entire life cycle (building materials, energy, etc.).